Develop Your Language Skills

Develop Your Greatest Skill – Language - Stepcase Lifehack

Powerful Writing

8 Qualities of Powerful Writing - Stepcase Lifehack

Creative Inspiration

YouTube - Ira Glass on Storytelling

This American Life's Ira Glass on taste, ability and creative development: "Most everybody I know who does interesting creative work went through a phase of years where they had really good taste but they could tell what they were making wasn't as good as they wanted it to be." This is just wonderful: watch it.
via Design Observer

Graphic Design History

Lester Beall | American Graphic Design Pioneer

Multi-touch Interaction Design

LukeW | New Multi-touch Interactions on the Apple iPad
During Apple's 90 minute unveiling of the iPad this week, a lot of new multi-touch interactions were shown off. But they went by fast. So as a service to digital product designers everywhere, we took the time to extract 8 minutes of new user interface demos from the iPad keynote. Now you can quickly just catch the UI in action on Apple's new native iPad and iWork applications.



Feltron 2009 Annual Report

Nicholas Felton | Feltron.com

"Each day in 2009, I asked every person with whom I had a meaningful encounter to submit a record of this meeting through an online survey. These reports form the heart of the 2009 Annual Report. From parents to old friends, to people I met for the first time, to my dentist… any time I felt that someone had discerned enough of my personality and activities, they were given a card with a URL and unique number to record their experience."


Opposing Viewpoints on Designers & Code

ignore the code: Designers are not Programmers
"There seems to be a growing sentiment that interaction designers, visual designers and UI designers need to know how to write code...
I disagree with this notion. In fact, I believe that being able to program can be a negative attribute for people who are responsible for designing the user experience. Designers who know how things are implemented or, even worse, who have to implement their own designs are in danger of impeding the quality of their designs. They are tempted to take code into account when they should be concentrating on the best possible user experience."

Designers Who Are Technical: The More You Know, The Better Your Work — Flyosity: Mac & iPhone Interface Design
"A user experience designer designs the user experience, obviously... but is it really that obvious? What's the user experiencing when we say 'the user experience'? On the web, there are many things that contribute to the user's overall experience using the website or application:

* Look & feel of the application
* Ability of the user to accomplish the tasks they set out to accomplish
* The overall perceived speed of the website or web application
* Expectations being met. If a user thinks X will happen and it doesn't, there's a gulf of execution"


Communication Arts - 2009 Advertising Annual

Communication Arts - 2009 Advertising Annual
The past year was a difficult one for advertising. Despite the challenging climate, we were pleased to still see some creative risk-taking in the entries submitted.

“Not surprisingly, the most innovative work is in the online and integrated categories,” said juror Paul Little. “People are inventing what's new and that’s exciting. It doesn’t always work but at least they're trying.”

“I'm always amazed at how talented people can reinvent even the most well-worn categories,” said juror Helene Cote. “It was great to see much more integrated, conceptual thinking that went beyond traditional media.”"