Pixar Exhibition at MOMA

MoMA.org | Exhibitions | 2005 | Pixar

“In keeping with the Museum’s long tradition of presenting animation, this is the most extensive gallery exhibition that MoMA has ever devoted to the genre. Featuring over 500 works of original art on loan for the first time from Pixar Animation Studios, the show includes paintings, concept art, sculptures, and an array of digital installations. These works reveal the intricate, hands-on processes behind Pixar’s computer-generated films—including Toy Story, A Bug’s Life, Toy Story 2, Monsters Inc., Finding Nemo, The Incredibles, Cars, and numerous shorts.”

John Lasseter at MoMA (kottke.org)


Finals Times

IDD301A - 9am
IDD301B - 10:30am
IDD250C - 3pm


Interesting Article in the Guardian

The Observer | Review | Politics of the drawing board

"It used to be about objects, but now design embraces objectives. Geraldine Bedell says we could all benefit from this new thinking."


Great Photoshop How-To

creativepro.com - Photoshop How-To: Paths to Enlightenment

"Illustration expert Alicia Buelow reveals her techniques. See how she combines vintage line drawings, photos, clip art, type, and more using time-saving tricks. "


No office hours this Thursday...

I have to go down to UVA for a conference. I will return Sunday. Let me know if you need to meet or talk with me at another time.



Must Read

Wired News: Put Your Money Where Your Mind Is

"People who grew up with the internet or iPods, that whole digital revolution, are the first generation that spend more time in the electronic environment than they do in the natural environment. So we are definitely going to try and launch social-marketing campaigns that encourage people to just unplug, just to pull out of the virtual electronic environment and try to live more than half their lives in the real world."


Student Design/Innovation Contest

Marksman Design Award 2005/2006

Design Reference

Design Online

"Design Online is electronic library containing a digitised record of Design journal for the years 1965 to 1974. You can access the library by browsing through the journals, or entering keywords to search."


IDD301 Final Weeks Schedule

11/15 – Animation 2 – critique and intro to AfterEffects
11/29 – Storyboard for final animation – AfterEffects demos
12/6 – After Effects Demos & Lab Time
12/13 – Final Animation presented during final exam period
(Final Exam schedule – 301A 8am & 301B 10:30am)
Homework for all weeks will be AfterEffects Tutorial Book and animation construction

IDD250 Final Weeks Schedule

11/15 – Refined Subject Mind Map - image creation & research – preliminary text
11/29 – Flow Chart, Written Content & Initial Designs (3 different directions)
12/6 – Final Design – constructed in Dreamweaver
12/13 – Finished Site presented during final exam period (6pm – we can discuss this
in class & see how it works for everyone)


IDD250 & IDD301


That's right, this Tuesday you will post your final blog for the semester!

Congrats & good work!


Excellent Graphic Design Student Blog

Some really great stuff in the comments to these posts - I'd hang on every word if I were you...

graphic design student board
MAKE: Blog

Free Image Hosting Services

MyWebSpace only allows us 30mb - not much... but there are some good free image hosting services out there...

ImageShack� - Hosting

UploadPixels - Easy Free Image Hosting

Imagetiger is your one-click imagehost


From one of my favorite CSS books...

creativepro.com - Web How-To: Sophisticated Web Design, Simply

"Web designers know the pain of trying to create a site that works in most -- not even all -- Web browsers. Endless hacks are required to work around browsers' wacky implementations of HTML and CSS. Here's how to ditch those workarounds for good, without giving up attractive sites."


Wonder why some of your images look crappy?

creativepro.com - Digital Photography How-To: The Ins and Outs of Interpolation

"Your image editor interpolates photos every time you rotate, enlarge, reduce, or distort them. The results can be bad: aliasing, blurring, edge halos. Yet you can't always avoid interpolation. This tutorial helps you make the right choices to get the best possible results."


Great Typography Resource!

Particletree � Typography Crash Course Roundup

"You can spend your whole life obsessing over type. It’s a craft with an awesome history and practicing it well often takes designers on a sort of quest that never seems to end. The strategies are both infinitely complex and sometimes irreducibly simple. The following resources are comprised of some of my favorite articles on the subject and some sites that should give most a great head start."


IDD250 Writing Tips

Geek to Live: Write effectively for the Web - Lifehacker

“Writing online is a much different undertaking than writing on paper. The rules you learned in Freshman Composition don’t all apply. Writing and reading on the Web involves a whole set of issues, freedoms and limitations print does not.”

PingMag - The Tokyo-based magazine about "Design and Making Things"

Interview with Erik Spiekerman

"All good type designers I know sit down with a pencil first, no matter how fast they are on the screen."

Good Poster Design Article

creativepro.com - Posters That Stop Them On the Street


IDD250 Reading for this Week

Digital Storytelling

IDD 301 Homework 10/18/2005

For next week:

For Next Week
HOT! Flash tutorials
New Refined Story Boards
BLOG – Animation Analysis from
Flash Forward or Ten Second Films

IDD301 Films

Here I am.

60 second story
Ten Second Films™

IDD250 Resource

Writing for the Web

"Research on how users read on the Web and how authors should write their Web pages. Mainly based on studies by John Morkes and Jakob Nielsen."


IDD250 Student Page Sample

interactive studies portal
sam bisbee -- high

IDD301 Site Reference

Flashforward >> Past Winners

IDD301 Project

Animated Poem Project

20-30 seconds in length minimum. Any size.

Part 1.
Select at least 10 lines from the poem given to you in class. (If it is one of the short poems – you must do the entire poem.)
Create a storyboard for you animation keeping these types of ideas in mind:

• Preparing a poem for treatment with Flash
• Making words or phrases change size, color, position, shape
• Using Flash for hypertext (interactive/clickable) poetry
• Using masks to control how text is displayed
• Breaking up letters into shapes for additional effects
• Using all these effects together with sounds to complement your words
• Control appearance, including size, font, color, position and visibility
• Think about introducing bitmap images
Part 2.
Translate your storyboard to Flash.


A Peak Behind the Scenes

Three Digital Artists Share Their Secrets

"Artists have unique visions -- and often, unique techniques. While we may assume that software imposes a certain set of methods, it's not the case that every artist uses the software in the same way. Even Photoshop gives you several ways to create a new layer, after all.

It's instructive to see how individual artists create their compositions. Better yet is peering into the thought-processes behind them. What was the artistic goal? Why use that color palette? How was that effect achieved? The answers are as personal as the resulting artwork."


Dream Jobs

Wanna know what they are looking for in an applicant at Pixar?

Pixar Jobs - Current Openings


Helpful Writing Resource

Fifty (50!) Tools which can help you in Writing

"… You will become handy with these tools over time. You will begin to recognize their use in the stories you read. You will see chances to apply them when you revise your own work. Eventually, they will become part of your flow, natural and automatic …"


IDD 301 Homework - Week 4

- Flash HOT! Tutorials - next 2 chapters

- Analayze ANY short animation (your choice) and post to blog

- Construct animation
- Full class as a lab on 09/27/2005

More Inspiration

What you want to be when you grow up?

hillmancurtis :: Designer Interviews


IDD 250 Homework Week 3

Dreamweaver Hands-On-Training Tutorials

Pause & Effect Reading
-- take notes
-- research ideas in reading
-- write 2-4 paragraph response to reading
-- (if you still don't understand refer to the student samples in the posting below)

Design web page in Dreamweaver with response text & image links
-- upload to webspace

Link to page to a posting in your weblog

Copyright and IDD work

A few people have asked about using copyrighted materials. The general consensus is that even though this is a student/college setting, we need to observe copyrights law, especially since our work is displayed on the internet. In general, unless the image you want to use is 72+ years old, your image(s) need to fall into these categories:

a. Obtain permission (this is often lengthy, tedious and may require $$)
b. Use copyright/royalty free images
c. Make your own images (drawing, photos etc).

Excellent sources for stock imagery and public domain information are:

Creative Commons

The Stock Exchange

Center for the Public Domain

An American Time Capsule

Public Domain Info

Google on PD

Wikipedia on PD

PodSafe Music

Flickr Creative Commons

Gov Resource

More Gov

Intellectual Property Info

More on PD

PD Sound Resource

PD Photo

Gov Archives

More Gov Archives


There's been some confusion as to the lab hours and access with Q cards.
Please note that the lab hours are:

M-TH: 7am-9am 5:30-6:30pm 9pm-2am
F: 7am-9am 2:30pm-2am
Sat & Sun: 7am-2am

These are the hours you may use your Q Card to access the lab. Do not let other students into the lab!

If the alarm is activated during the lab hours, you may contact security. If it is outside lab hours, DO NOT CALL security.

There are several Macs on the second floor of the Library that are set up the same as the lab - these are available during all Library hours and for IDD use.

There are also a couple of Macs in Media Services that are set up as well - these are available during media services hours.


IDD 301 Homework - Week 3

Flash HOT! Tutorials from Chapter 1 to the "Symbols" Chapter

Final Story board due 9/20
-Begin annimation
-Full class as a lab on 09/27/2005

Get Organized!

D*I*Y Planner | Paper, productivity & passion

More Time Management

43 Folders | Building a Smarter To-Do List, Part II


New Semester Sidebar!

I have added the links to your weblogs. Please check and make sure that your link works and that I have you name right. Some of you have not sent me your URL. If I don't have it by today, I'll have to start grading your work as late.


IDD 250 Homework Week 2

Dreamweaver Hands-On-Training Tutorials

Pause & Effect Reading
-- take notes
-- research ideas in reading
-- write 2-4 paragraph response to reading
-- (if you still don't understand refer to the student samples in the posting below)

Design web page in Dreamweaver with response text & image links
-- upload to webspace

Link to page to a posting in your weblog


Welcome Back!

Yes, it is that time of year again. And I have a feeling this is going to be a really good one. This week also marks the beginning of the fourth year that I have been using weblogs in my courses - hard to believe, doesn't seem like that long...

Well, I can't wait to see you all in class - I am so glad to be back!


Creating Custom Transitions for DVD Studio Pro [2]

Another article for creating alpha transitions using Adobe After Effects.


Creating Custom Transitions for DVD Studio Pro

This isn't the whole video lesson, but it is enough to start putting together the pieces of the puzzle as far as creating your own transitions for DVDSP3.



Send me your web portfolio URL as soon as you can!


I Love to Make You Happy


Yep, you read it right - your blogs that are due this week are your last ones for the semester. Now you can concentrate on your final projects!


Computer Crashing in DVDStudio Pro? Try this! [As see on TV]

Items needed:
-2 blank DVD-Rs
-45 minutes (or so)
-Apple G5 that doesn't like to build in DVD Studio Pro

-Burn entire contents of dvd assets folder to a DVD
-Open the project file from the DVD
-"Relink" the assets to the files on the DVD
-Build the DVD and create a New Folder for the files on the Desktop
-Resave the project in a different folder other than the build folder
-Close DVD Studio Pro
-Remove DVD & Insert a Blank DVD-R
-Open the resaved file (ignore the fact it can't find the files)
-Then go to File>Advanced Burn>Format
-Choose the new folder you created for the build
-Verify Settings
-Ignore any error messages. (files not found/used)

Let it go. It took about 5-7 minutes to burn a 1.6gb folder and about 20-30 minutes to Build.

Good luck.

IDD 400 Site of the Week

David Carson Design



In regards to my last post. I hear that it can also be turned in the following week. April 20th

IDD 300 DVD B due

Its due on Wed. Just a reminder. This is only for those doing 2 DVDs though.


IDD 480 Homework

Self promotion piece due


IDD 400: Homework

Blog on one of the animations from FlashForward finalists page.

Continue working through the tutorials and the readings in CMG.


IDD 300 HW

For April 6th:

Storyboards since over half of us forgot to do them.

Seniors: 3 design comps for your portfolio DVD.

Everyone else: (those of us doing 2 DVDs this semester) 1 design comp. (Oh yeah, it has to be perfect.)

Those doing 2 DVDs have the first one due April 13th.

Analyze a DVD for blog.

Good CSS Article

Web How-To: Sophisticated Web Design, Simply



Refine web designs

BLOG (amnesty is over!)

IDD 400: Homework

Refine storyboard (or create storyboards). Those who are ready may begin working on their animation.

Blog (and catch up on missed blogs, grace period is over soon)

Read MGD Chap. 9, tutorials CMG part 6.

IDD 400 Animations

The Beautiful One with Wings

Welcome Back!

My beautiful, tanned and rested students - back to work!

I hope everyone had a great Spring Break.



logo/id comps
logo/id finals
BLOG template

design comps for website (3 dif. versions in photoshop. sketch and do research first!)

IDD 400 Homework

Continue with readings (MGD chaps. 7&8) and tutorials (CMG part 5).

Blog on one animation from Trollback. NO BLOG over spring break.

Project 2:
30 sec (minimum) animation, using any image source (graphic, video, photographic). This animation must have sound.
***Three high-quality storyboards due for presentation next class.

IDD400 Motion Graphics Site

Trollback Company


IDD 300 DVD Project Due Date

Just a reminder, the DVD project must be completed to be turned in for Wed. March 9th. Don't forget to blog as well on a DVD.



We will have lab tomorrow for class to make up for the snow day last week.


For all your Demuxing Needs

Streamclip is free and demuxes MPEG2 to separate .m2v & .aiff files.

IDD300 Homework

• Finish and Burn your DVD
• Readings/tutorials
• Interface Blog Post



Print and turn in mind map

Complete logo designs

Letterhead/business card/envelope designs (6 of each)

Draft of resume

Read and blog (blog must be customized by mid-term)


IDD 400 Homework

- Translate storyboard to After Effects (begin working on your animation)

- Blog on an animation from Eyeball NYC

- Readings and tutorials: CMG part 3, MGD Chapter 4.


IDD 300 Homework

-Collecting/Creating Assets

Next week is a lab period to get any technical problems worked out.


New Semester Sidebar!

OK. I have created the sidebar links to all your Spring 05 blogs. Test your link(s) to make sure they work properly. If they do not, then you have NOT sent me your URL OR you sent the wrong URL. You must get it to me ASAP or your blogs will be graded as late.

Now you may start commenting on your classmates posts!


You must have links in your blog posts. If you do not - the mark down is a whole point off! (out of five points total) Amnesty for blog mistakes and revisions will end at midterm. After that - you get what you get.

Please turn commenting on in your blog settings if you have not... (Jason M - that's you)


IDD 400 Homework

Revised storyboard due for presentation next week.

Blog on an animation from the Digital Kitchen website.

Readings and Tutorials: MGD Chapter 3, CMG Chapter 2.


IDD300 Bit Budget Calc

DVD Video Bit Budget Calculator

IDD 300 DVD Interfaces Homework

-Blog (Analyze another DVD)

Do 2 posts if you did not post the first one correctly or you did not blog last week.


QU MUG wants you!

What the heck?! That's right - the QU Macintosh Users Group is asking students to join. If you want to connect with other Mac users on campus and share cool stuff about these machines, send me an email at my QU address - I'll have you added to the meeting notice list.

You guys that had me for IDD301 the past couple of semesters...

I thought you'd get a kick out of this little email exchange!

I was quite surprised when I saw this in my inbox this morning!
Thought you'd enjoy this too.


-----Original Message-----
From: Todd Gallina [mailto:toddgallina@cox.net]
Sent: Tuesday, February 01, 2005 3:38 AM
To: Driscoll, Mark P.

Hi Mark,
I ran across your blog:
and just wanted to say: YOU ARE TOO KIND!

Thanks for pumping me up buddy!


Blog Templates and Blog Skin links

Template Hunter

IDD 480: Homework

CBD ch.3&4
DDP ch.2

Logo development (12 different minimum)
Content collection/creation (resume, old projects, eyc.)
Blog (reading, research related)

IDD 400: Homework

Readings and tutorials:
CMG Part 1
MGD chapter 2

Blog assignment:
Analyze 1 animation from Imaginary Forces (under 'projects').

3 storyboards for a 20 second animation due for presentation in class next week.


The New York Times Blog Article

The New York Times >Hot Off the Web: Gossip and Design Guidance

(requires free sign-in)


TH128 Open Lab Times

MON-THURS: 7am-9, 11:30-12:30, 3-3:30, 6-6:30, and 9 - whenever Security locks up
FRI: 7am-9, 11:30-12:30, and 3 - whenever Security locks up
SAT: During Help Desk hours (call security if the lab is not open)
SUN: 12-8pm starting a week from this Sunday (Tim Anderson and Brett Strasnick will be the monitors)


There are 4 G4s with the Lab configuration in the cyber cafe
There are 3 G5s in Media Services with an slightly modified IDD image

These are available Library hours and Media services hours



I have 9 gmail invitations - if you want one, send me an email at pattiebelle(at)gmail(dot)com

First come, first served.

IDD300: DVD Yahoo Group

Yahoo! Groups: recipe4dvd

IDD 300 HW Assignment

- Buy books
- Read & do tutorials
- Setup blog, email pattiebelle.hastingsATquinnipiac.edu with link to your blog.
- Make first post on blog. Either analyze a DVD menu or something else to do with DVD Interfaces.


Welcome Back!

A new semester, new classes, exciting work - we are going to have a great time! I am so glad to be back - I missed you guys.