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creativepro.com - The Art of Business: The Bold and the Beautiful
Two Design Books Take Completely Different Tacks, but Both Are Winners.


Successful Resume tips

Rands In Repose: A Glimpse and a Hook

The terrifying reality regarding your resume is that for all the many hours you put into fine-tuning, you've got 30 seconds to make an impression on me. Maybe less.

It's unfair, it's imprecise, and there's a good chance that I make horrible mistakes, but there's a lot more of you than me, and while hiring phenomenal teams is the most important thing I do, I'm balancing that task with the fact that I need to build product and manage the endless stream of people walking into my office.

But here's a glimpse. I'm going to walk through the exact mental process I use when I look at a resume. I don't know if this is right or efficient, but after fifteen years and staring at thousands of resumes, this is the process.

Eye & Brain Candy

Welcome to Foreign Office


Just can't get enough design courses?

Sign up for guest lectures, design history and graduate thesis podcasts from the School of Visual Arts in NY.

SVA Podcast Series

Photoshop How-To

creativepro.com - Photoshop How-To: Easier Transformations
Three short videos show you better ways to straighten crooked images, crop and straighten photos automatically, and correct perspective with the Crop tool.


Taking care of your brain...

22 Ways To Overclock Your Brain at Ririan Project

The brain is a three-pound supercomputer. It is the command and control center running your life. It is involved in absolutely everything you do. Your brain determines how you think, how you feel, how you act, and how well you get along with other people. Your brain even determines the kind of person you are. It determines how thoughtful you are; how polite or how rude you are. It determines how well you think on your feet, and it is involved with how well you do at work and with your family. Your brain also influences your emotional well being and how well you do with the opposite sex.

Online Scrapbook Site

Welcome to Flip.com | Make Flipbooks | Make Friends

Definitely aimed at girls. Check it out - pretty cool site. Will it catch on?

Interesting Vector Project

Introduction: The Shapes Project | Allan McCollum

Working over the past few years, I've designed a new system to produce unique two-dimensional "shapes." This system allows me to make enough unique shapes for every person on the planet to have one of their own. It also allows me to keep track of the shapes, so as to insure that no two will ever be alike.

Interview with the Co-Founders of MySpace

SPIEGEL Interview with the Co-Founders of MySpace: "We Have Replaced MTV" - International - SPIEGEL ONLINE - News

SPIEGEL: Mr. Anderson and Mr. DeWolfe, how many friends do you have?

Anderson: I think there are about 140 million right now on my MySpace profile.

SPIEGEL: And in the real world?

Anderson: In person I don't have that many friends. I'm a pretty tight-knit guy with the people that I know. Offline, I have no more than four or five friends.

On Design & Writing (again)

creativepro.com - You Can't Dance and Drive a Race Car at the Same Time...

But you can tap your toe while you're driving in traffic. An innovative company demonstrates that writing and designing simultaneously improves both aspects of the final product.


Instructables: step-by-step collaboration

You are going to love Instructables: step-by-step collaboration, but I found this little gem that will make you smile and maybe even help you out.

How to Get Good Grades

Improving your grades requires three things: Your teacher's good will, your work, and good timing. Okay, just the first two.

During this instructable I will teach you how get on your teacher's good side and stay there. I'll teach you how to choose courses you are most likely to get good grades in, what NOT to do, and why this instructable will work for you. I'll also dispell some myths about good grades. In short, I'll tell you how to raise your GPA.


Font based on “Snake”

Alex Robbins – Font based on the mobile phone game, Snake

Lovely Hand Drawn Valentines

Marian Bantjes: 150 Valentines
For 3 years now I’ve adopted Valentine’s Day as my time to make contact with people. This year I got the crazy idea to draw each one by hand. I liked the idea that each person would get something unique, with their name on it, but that there would be a larger whole that they would also be part of. It did require that I brutally slash my mailing list, but I made sure that everyone on the list knows me (although I haven’t met them all): most of the people are somewhere between friendly and friend to me. I intended to do 125, but as I remembered people I’d left out, it grew to 150.


Social Networking Site for Design Students

designerID > designers

Launched February 2006, designerID.com is a web-based, virtual design community serving designers, design students and schools, organizations and suppliers. It provides members with an easy-to-use way to stay in touch with fellow designers and an easy-to-search design library.


How to create a vintage-look photo

creativepro.com - Vintage Photoshop How-To: Part 1

Nothing can conjure a certain mood like a hand-tinted photograph with the soft scratches and spots that come with age. Unless you have the time to paw through every photo bin in an antiques store to find just the right image, try this Photoshop tutorial on creating a vintage look.


The Best in Newspaper Design

San Francisco Chronicle:: Best Front Newspaper Design

Today's BFD goes to the San Francisco Chronicle, which led with the mayor's mea culpa.

This page succeeds in obvious ways and one not-so-obvious way. The lead headline serves as an "umbrella" to organize all the related content. It also conveys the emotion-laden nature of the story and clearly communicates its message. Secondary headlines quickly speak to the salient issues.

Most pictures get their pop from large image size, but this page does something unusual: using small image size to tell the story. The face of the mayor is the tiniest on the page – smaller than any other, even in the promos. He is dwarfed by the media and diminished by his act – which speaks volumes. It's story-telling by cropping.


Another Excellent Senior Blog

Lindsay K.'s

It’s here, IDD 480: Senior Seminar and Portfolio. I’m not going to lie, I’m a little frightened. Creating a digital portfolio with all the work I’ve done throughout my Quinnipiac career is a scary thought. But I am most definitely excited.

Excellent Senior Blog Example


The first thing that I immediately related to was what Cynthia Baron said about job description titles. When writing my resume I ran into this same problem. Do I call myself a graphic artist? Digital designer? Graphic designer? Animator?