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Digital Storytelling

IDD 301 Homework 10/18/2005

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Flash Forward or Ten Second Films

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Here I am.

60 second story
Ten Second Films™

IDD250 Resource

Writing for the Web

"Research on how users read on the Web and how authors should write their Web pages. Mainly based on studies by John Morkes and Jakob Nielsen."


IDD250 Student Page Sample

interactive studies portal
sam bisbee -- high

IDD301 Site Reference

Flashforward >> Past Winners

IDD301 Project

Animated Poem Project

20-30 seconds in length minimum. Any size.

Part 1.
Select at least 10 lines from the poem given to you in class. (If it is one of the short poems – you must do the entire poem.)
Create a storyboard for you animation keeping these types of ideas in mind:

• Preparing a poem for treatment with Flash
• Making words or phrases change size, color, position, shape
• Using Flash for hypertext (interactive/clickable) poetry
• Using masks to control how text is displayed
• Breaking up letters into shapes for additional effects
• Using all these effects together with sounds to complement your words
• Control appearance, including size, font, color, position and visibility
• Think about introducing bitmap images
Part 2.
Translate your storyboard to Flash.


A Peak Behind the Scenes

Three Digital Artists Share Their Secrets

"Artists have unique visions -- and often, unique techniques. While we may assume that software imposes a certain set of methods, it's not the case that every artist uses the software in the same way. Even Photoshop gives you several ways to create a new layer, after all.

It's instructive to see how individual artists create their compositions. Better yet is peering into the thought-processes behind them. What was the artistic goal? Why use that color palette? How was that effect achieved? The answers are as personal as the resulting artwork."