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IDD 480: Homework

CBD ch.3&4
DDP ch.2

Logo development (12 different minimum)
Content collection/creation (resume, old projects, eyc.)
Blog (reading, research related)

IDD 400: Homework

Readings and tutorials:
CMG Part 1
MGD chapter 2

Blog assignment:
Analyze 1 animation from Imaginary Forces (under 'projects').

3 storyboards for a 20 second animation due for presentation in class next week.


The New York Times Blog Article

The New York Times >Hot Off the Web: Gossip and Design Guidance

(requires free sign-in)


TH128 Open Lab Times

MON-THURS: 7am-9, 11:30-12:30, 3-3:30, 6-6:30, and 9 - whenever Security locks up
FRI: 7am-9, 11:30-12:30, and 3 - whenever Security locks up
SAT: During Help Desk hours (call security if the lab is not open)
SUN: 12-8pm starting a week from this Sunday (Tim Anderson and Brett Strasnick will be the monitors)


There are 4 G4s with the Lab configuration in the cyber cafe
There are 3 G5s in Media Services with an slightly modified IDD image

These are available Library hours and Media services hours



I have 9 gmail invitations - if you want one, send me an email at pattiebelle(at)gmail(dot)com

First come, first served.

IDD300: DVD Yahoo Group

Yahoo! Groups: recipe4dvd

IDD 300 HW Assignment

- Buy books
- Read & do tutorials
- Setup blog, email pattiebelle.hastingsATquinnipiac.edu with link to your blog.
- Make first post on blog. Either analyze a DVD menu or something else to do with DVD Interfaces.


Welcome Back!

A new semester, new classes, exciting work - we are going to have a great time! I am so glad to be back - I missed you guys.