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Summer Reading List for IDD

I found this list on Amazon:
Amazon.com: "Design is more than learning Photoshop"

Graphic Design is a balancing act between between art, communication, business, and problem solving. Anyone who says that it is easy, is lying to you, or they are content with making mediocre work. Graphic Design is different than marketing, advertising, web design, web programming and commercial art. But there are shared elements between them all. It can be hard to distinguish what you do sometimes and it's even harder to explain to others what you do. You should accept right now that your parents will never understand what you do and most people will default to assuming you make web pages.

This is a list of books that I have read during school and continue to return to while working in the industry professionally. They serve as inspiration as well as give good perspective on subjects ranging from basic design principles, typography, typography, typography, problem solving, color and design history. I will continue to add books as I remember/ discover them.