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Wiretap has been installed on the 4 iMacs in the back of the lab, if you need to use it for your projects.


IDD 250 Week 9 Assignment/Reading

- Have a research topic & mind map
- Fix anything on last web page (home/portal page)
- Blog on readings in book

Reading "Pause & Effect" p. 124-151



IDD 250

Week 8

Reading "Pause & Effect" p. 115-123

Dreamweaver HOT chapters 17-18

Webpage - Front Page/Portal
-Intro paragraph
-add a link to all of previous webpages (5) to this home page "Home" link
-Navigation system

Typography Resource

Thinking With Type


IDD 301 After Effects Book!

The bookstore has gotten in the book for the last portion of the class:

Creating Motion Graphics with After Effects,
Vol. 1: The Essentials (3rd Edition, Version 6.5)
by Trish Meyer, Chris Meyer

It's a great book - pick up a copy before people outside of our class start buying them up.


IDD 301 Assignment

-"Free" Blogs (Blog on any animation) until we start Adobe After Effects.

-Revised storyboard for next week (10/20)

-Continue in Flash MX 2k4 H.O.T.

-And start constructing your animations!


IDD 301 Assignment

-Any animation

Project 2
-Storyboard due Wed. 10/13

Continue in Flash MX 2k4 H.O.T.


IDD 250 Assignment & Reading

Week 6 (10/4)

Reading "Pause & Effect" p. 72-92
Dreamweaver HOT chapters 13-14

Another web page as well.

Week 7 (10/11)

***Note*** This is a free Lab Day (no P.B.)
Use this for catch up and tweeking any old web pages to be re-submitted.

Reading "Pause & Effect" p. 93-115
Dreamweaver HOT chapters 15-16

Yet another web page.