feministe: How Blogging Has Changed Me as a Writer

"When I first began keeping a website, some six years ago, I learned pretty quickly that vomiting up personal information was not necessarily a great thing in a public forum. Even masking your friends under pseudonyms and vague descriptive references did not prevent your friends from recognizing your gripes about them. Thanks to my website and blog, I have lost a total of two boyfriends and alienated myself from my parents for a time (this has been rectified with the parental agreement that I no longer voice my familial complaints on the internet). Dooce, quoted in the article 'Dating a Blogger, Reading All About It,' had a radically worse experience. When you get personal on the Internet, scathingly personal, there can be significant consequences."

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IDD250 A&B:
Don't forget to have printouts of your design comps (six pages) to turn in on Monday during class!


Check this out - a great color picking site: Color scheme


IDD 410 take note!
An excellent article on CSS by web expert Jeffrey Zeldman: Coding for easier redesigns.


IDD 250

Don't forget to photocopy your sketches to turn in on Monday!


Some of you will find this relevant and funny:

Keeping a Lid on Your Blog
"Question: A very outgoing young man in my class ('Troy') keeps a blog (Internet diary) about his schoolwork, partying, and politics. As I read his entries, including his grousing about my class, I tell myself that I am not eavesdropping, and that he is entitled to write whatever he likes in a public forum. Yet his field is public-school teaching, for which I think his openness about his life might hamper his chances of getting a job. Should I advise him or let it go?"


IAnything Goes: Soft Skills for Information Architecture
Soft Skills for Information Architecture
By Jeff Lash

"While much of one’s success or failure depends on the skills specific to information architecture—like diagramming, documenting, organizing—an even greater indicator is soft skills: dealing with conflict, negotiating, and communicating. These soft skills are important in any profession or job role, but are of high importance in information architecture, which requires applying them in sometimes unconventional ways."