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IDD480 Another Portfolio Article

Every Design Tells A Story

All student portfolios present a gallery of work. This one presents the work as a book, with explanatory text in a well-paced, editorial design that creates a personal brand for the graduate.

IDD480 A good portfolio discussion...

: : Speak Up > What does a portfolio look like these days? : :

One of my classes is the last graphic design class for seniors at East Carolina University so the subject of portfolios inevitably comes up. I told them that they would probably want several variations of portfolios�a website, an electronic portfolio on disk that they can mail or leave, and what one would have traditionally thought of as a portfolio. But what is that last thing?

My Sentiments Exactly

There's a great discussion with lots of viewpoints in the comments of this short post:

: : Speak Up > Computer = Fart, or Digital Immersion Is Not Design : :

I witness a bevy of design students leap to the computer whenever a project is delivered into their hands. From the Apple’s input devices, they wind up at Google for research or sit pining over which software will suit the problem’s needs—or their premature vision. A large complaint from those in the industry, who hire young designers, is that designers can’t think, and when I see them head to the computer I have to agree. They’re looking at bits and bytes for answers when they should be doing research or collaborating.

From a site that you should all be reading regularly!

Quidd Tech

Ben has a solution for performance issues while working on large files check out the new QUIDDtech blog:

Quidd Tech
Now, as you may or may not know, your home folder (the folders mounted on the G5 when you login where you save all your files) are not on the machine you are working on. They exist on a server that the G5 accesses across the network. Because of this, programs that are working with files in your home folder and require disk IO must wait for the data to move from the server, across the network, and up into the G5's memory. This can be slow (or expensive in IT talk) for applications, and you witness the expensive transaction by poor performance in the application. Video may be choppy. Audio may slice. You may have to wait for some time when applying mathematical transforms on entire chunks of data, like applying a filters or effects to an image.


Uh, yeah, Designers Writing...

creativepro.com - The Art of Business: Add Writing to Your Repertoire

You're an artist, not a writer, but that doesn't mean you won't occasionally be asked to create effective text to complement your print or Web design. Rather than passing up an additional revenue source (or needing to hire someone to write your own marketing materials), take this crash course in copy writing.


IDD480 How To Find A Design Job While Being Young, Naive, And Full Of Hope

Post No.118 - How To Find A Design Job While Being Young, Naive, And Full Of Hope:

As I sit in front of the desk of the office of my first design job—yup, first—I’ve been thinking about the six-month journey that led me to this point. Furthermore, this time spent in the job-hunting trenches was such a learning experience, I feel as though it is worth sharing everything I’ve encountered. This may or may not help the next design graduate in line, seeking an awesome design job.


All Classes!

We have 5 digital cameras in the lab now. You may check them out from me for use in creating your projects. Yay!!!


New Side Bar!

I have posted the links to the students blogs for this semester. There are still a few missing! Please send your link ASAP, if is not working on this list. Please read your classmates posts and leave comments of the helpful and supportive variety.