Great Photoshop How-To

creativepro.com - Photoshop How-To: Paths to Enlightenment

"Illustration expert Alicia Buelow reveals her techniques. See how she combines vintage line drawings, photos, clip art, type, and more using time-saving tricks. "


No office hours this Thursday...

I have to go down to UVA for a conference. I will return Sunday. Let me know if you need to meet or talk with me at another time.



Must Read

Wired News: Put Your Money Where Your Mind Is

"People who grew up with the internet or iPods, that whole digital revolution, are the first generation that spend more time in the electronic environment than they do in the natural environment. So we are definitely going to try and launch social-marketing campaigns that encourage people to just unplug, just to pull out of the virtual electronic environment and try to live more than half their lives in the real world."


Student Design/Innovation Contest

Marksman Design Award 2005/2006

Design Reference

Design Online

"Design Online is electronic library containing a digitised record of Design journal for the years 1965 to 1974. You can access the library by browsing through the journals, or entering keywords to search."


IDD301 Final Weeks Schedule

11/15 – Animation 2 – critique and intro to AfterEffects
11/29 – Storyboard for final animation – AfterEffects demos
12/6 – After Effects Demos & Lab Time
12/13 – Final Animation presented during final exam period
(Final Exam schedule – 301A 8am & 301B 10:30am)
Homework for all weeks will be AfterEffects Tutorial Book and animation construction

IDD250 Final Weeks Schedule

11/15 – Refined Subject Mind Map - image creation & research – preliminary text
11/29 – Flow Chart, Written Content & Initial Designs (3 different directions)
12/6 – Final Design – constructed in Dreamweaver
12/13 – Finished Site presented during final exam period (6pm – we can discuss this
in class & see how it works for everyone)


IDD250 & IDD301


That's right, this Tuesday you will post your final blog for the semester!

Congrats & good work!


Excellent Graphic Design Student Blog

Some really great stuff in the comments to these posts - I'd hang on every word if I were you...

graphic design student board
MAKE: Blog

Free Image Hosting Services

MyWebSpace only allows us 30mb - not much... but there are some good free image hosting services out there...

ImageShack� - Hosting

UploadPixels - Easy Free Image Hosting

Imagetiger is your one-click imagehost


From one of my favorite CSS books...

creativepro.com - Web How-To: Sophisticated Web Design, Simply

"Web designers know the pain of trying to create a site that works in most -- not even all -- Web browsers. Endless hacks are required to work around browsers' wacky implementations of HTML and CSS. Here's how to ditch those workarounds for good, without giving up attractive sites."


Wonder why some of your images look crappy?

creativepro.com - Digital Photography How-To: The Ins and Outs of Interpolation

"Your image editor interpolates photos every time you rotate, enlarge, reduce, or distort them. The results can be bad: aliasing, blurring, edge halos. Yet you can't always avoid interpolation. This tutorial helps you make the right choices to get the best possible results."


Great Typography Resource!

Particletree � Typography Crash Course Roundup

"You can spend your whole life obsessing over type. It’s a craft with an awesome history and practicing it well often takes designers on a sort of quest that never seems to end. The strategies are both infinitely complex and sometimes irreducibly simple. The following resources are comprised of some of my favorite articles on the subject and some sites that should give most a great head start."


IDD250 Writing Tips

Geek to Live: Write effectively for the Web - Lifehacker

“Writing online is a much different undertaking than writing on paper. The rules you learned in Freshman Composition don’t all apply. Writing and reading on the Web involves a whole set of issues, freedoms and limitations print does not.”

PingMag - The Tokyo-based magazine about "Design and Making Things"

Interview with Erik Spiekerman

"All good type designers I know sit down with a pencil first, no matter how fast they are on the screen."

Good Poster Design Article

creativepro.com - Posters That Stop Them On the Street