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Freshman 15: Coping with the First Year of College

What you do in your first year of college can have a big impact on the rest of your college years – not to mention on the rest of your life. A few missteps might be possible to undo later on, but too many wrong moves and you might well find it impossible to recover later. Blow off too many classes, for example, and your grades will suffer – and no matter how much you reform your ways in ensuing years, your GPA will always suffer. Do poorly enough, and you might find yourself on academic probation or even thrown out come the end of the school year!

It doesn’t have to be that way. And your first year doesn’t have to be an endless drudge, either. What’s important right now is not that you bury yourself in schoolwork until you bleed, sweat, and crap knowledge, but to establish a healthy balance of academic work, social activity, and just plain living – a balance that once established, you’ll find easy to maintain through the rest of college and into your future.

Back to School: Talk to Your Professor!

In one of my earliest posts here at Lifehack, I explained how to talk to a professor – today, I want to talk about why you should talk with your professors.

Back to School: Keep an Academic Reading Journal

Aside from partying, the thing you’re probably going to do most in college is read. Assuming you’re at all serious about your education, you’ll read so much that words will come out your ears. Unfortunately, much of what you read will also go pouring out your ears, or so it will seem looking back.

One of the best habits you can develop in college — or even in high school, if you have the discipline — is to keep an academic reading journal. This is more or less what it sounds like: a journal recording everything you read, with an added layer of academic analysis. The idea is, you record what you read, key ideas and quotes from the text, and your own reflections on the work, allowing you to fairly accurately recreate your initial reading at a later date, pershaps a much later date.


Inspiration from Design Glut

Design Glut
The Design Glut website is here to inspire you. We interview creative entrepreneurs about how they got started and what they've learned along the way. We usually post 2-3 interviews a week. Our goal is to create a resource to help you springboard into working on your own projects.

Design Pricing

A great post with links on estimating pricing for design projects:
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Success Secrets of the Graphic Design Superstars

Success Secrets of the Graphic Design Superstars
This blog, and the forthcoming book, will be a collection of interviews from the best-of-the-best designers and creatives. The idea came about because of the number of people, both students and professionals, who have sought me out over the years and asked, “What do I need to do to succeed?” and “How do I get big clients and/or big projects?”