IDD 301 Assignment

- Write your blog on any Flash animation in the universe. Please try to refrain from Flash based websites.

- Finish your animation project by the beginning of next class.


IDD 250 Reading & Assignment

Weeks 1-4

Reading: "Pause & Effect" p. 1-59
Dreamweaver HOT ch 1-10

Week 5 (Class 9/27)

Reading: "Pause & Effect" p. 60-69
Dreamweaver HOT chapters 11-12

Another research webpage as well. Better researched & developed than your previous webpage.

New Blog Assistant!

Tim A. has agreed to assist me in the posting of weekly readings, homework, due dates, etc. So you'll be seeing his name at the bottom of those posts. Thank you, Tim!

IDD250 Links for 9/27

Pinhole Spy Camera



Turbulence Home


Lab Hours

These are the TH128 lab hours until we get the card swipe:

Monday - Thursday


During Help Desk Hours

Starting Oct. 3rd 4:30-8:00

Don't forget about the 4 iMacs in the CyberCafe in the Library (NOT MEDIA SERVICES!). They are imaged to match the lab and should log right into your IDD configuration. They are available during the hours of the CyberCafe - Go check them out!

IDD301 FlashForward Finalist Animations

sam bisbee -- high
The Beautiful One with Wings


Site Tracker Links

In the order that I showed them in class on Monday:

Site Meter




Starting Sunday October 3rd, the lab will be open from 4:30pm-8pm on Sunday evenings. Brett Strasnick will be the work-study student on duty. We'll do this until the card swipe access is installed (after which you will have access whenever Tater Hall is open...)



There is just too much for me to say about your blogs in the comments, so we will go over them in class tomorrow. For a good quick example of the web page assignment take a look at Vanessa R's.



I have left comments on all IDD301 weblogs for which I have a URL.

Blog links updated

I have updated the class links, BUT there are still 3 missing (Lindsay, Cory & Brenna...)!


Comments to come...

I will be posting comments to all blogs over the next three days. Be patient, I have to work them in amongst a tight schedule. IDD301 - yours will all be done by 3pm Tuesday afternoon. IDD250 - yours will all be done by next Saturday - there are quite a few addresses still missing.

Class Blog Links Posted!

You will find the list of links in the sidebar. If your link does not work you have either not sent me your URL or you have sent me the wrong URL. You must send me your address ASAP or else!


Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

Quinnipiac University | Prof's 'Scarlet Genotype' exhibit honors Hawthorne work

Blog links to come...

I'll get the rest of the blogs posted and then organized by class over the weekend. They'll all be up by Monday afternoon. I'm off to Boston today for an exhibition opening. Have a productive weekend!


The Video Game Revolution | PBS

The Video Game Revolution | PBS

Watched this two hour show last night and it was excellent. Anyone interested in games and game design does not want to miss this!


Fall Semester 2004!

Send me your URLs! I have only two so far... You don't have to wait for your first official post.