**IDD 250 Exam Schedule Change**

The for the exam for IDD 250 is now earlier than the posted time on Quinnipiac. We will not meet at 10:30AM.

New Time:

Monday December 13 @ 9:00 AM


IDD 301 Assignments

-Work on Adobe After Effects tutorials
-Have your storyboard done for when we get back (Dec. 1st)
-Blog on a clip from the previous sites on the Blog (The 4 we went over in class)

Enjoy your Thanksgiving Break!


IDD 250 Assignment

-Finalize Webpage Designs
-1st Draft of Written information
-No Blog, but read

IDD301 Weekly Sites



Animated Graffiti

Protein Feed - Animated Graffiti

Animated Graffiti
By William Rowe on November 15, 2004 11:29 AM

An artist created a small animation of a robot walking, then rendered each frame as a stencil. Then s/he went around town and sprayed the stencil on walls, lamp-posts, etc, and photographed each one.

IDD 301 -- After Effects Plug-Ins installed

The plug-ins needed for the tutorials are installed. To make sure that they are working please REBOOT before using After Effects.


IDD 301 Assignment

-Blog on one thing from Imaginary Forces website.
-Part 2 in Adobe After Effects book.

IDD301 Site of the Week

Imaginary Forces

You must pick one of the animation projects on this site to analyze for your blog this week.


IDD 250 Assignment

Due Next Week

- Three (3) initial, completely different, design comps.
\- Front Cover & Inside page for each design comp
\- Color prints will be turned in after in-class critique

- Flow chart of Website (Use Adobe InDesign)

- 1st Draft of Writing due in two weeks.

*No Blog/Reading this week. It will be done for the following week.
Ian's Shoelace Site - Introduction


IDD 350 Assignment Week 10

-Read and do Part 1 tutorials in your Adobe After Effects book.

-Blog on another Flash animation.

P.S. Great show of poem animations today!

IDD 250 Assignment Week 10

Week 10 (11/1)

Reading "Pause & Effect" p. 154-169

-Blog on reading
-Refine MindMaps